Everything You Need to Know About Organic Baby Shampoo

It’s no secret that your entire world changes when you have a baby.  The way you think, the way you act, every decision that you make becomes centered around meeting your baby’s needs.   You want to keep them safe, but there are so many things that can harm them.  You want only the best and safest for your baby.  This means selecting products that won’t be harmful.  Bath products are one of many products that parents spend a lot of time debating on.  Which is the best?  What type of shampoo should you use?   Baby’s skin is so soft, and nothing beats the “new baby” smell.  How do you keep that going without harming your baby’s delicate skin?  The organic baby shampoo is one of the safest options you can choose from.  Organic baby shampoo can be used on your baby’s hair and body.   This means that it can also save you money.   Here is everything you need to know about organic baby shampoo.

Organic provides many benefits

Before deciding which products to buy, or what is best for your baby, it is important that you consider the reasons to go organic.  Baby’s skin is delicate, and most babies have sensitive skin that breaks out easily.  A baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed.  This leaves them susceptible to disease.  Parent’s have the habit of going with high brand products.  Is easy to fall into the hype and believe the advertisements.  However, parents often neglect to look at the ingredients contained in the high brand baby shampoos.  Most of these contain harmful chemicals.  There are a lot of pores on baby’s skin.  These chemicals can easily enter your baby’s body through these pores.  Because of this, you need to find a product that is natural so that there are no harmful chemicals and so that it won’t harm the baby’s skin.

Organic baby shampoo provides parents with this option. These shampoos are created using organic essential oils that are not harmful to babies.  They do not contain artificial fragrances or any type of foaming agents.    These ingredients are often found in non-organic shampoos.  Many contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or SLS.  SLS creates a foam that can lead to irritation in the retina or be harmful to a baby’s skin.  There are also studies that suggest the artificial fragrance found in many baby shampoos can lead to respiratory problems and even nosebleeds.

Natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, are used to make organic baby shampoo.  These ingredients are healthy for your baby.  The organic baby shampoo doesn’t use petroleum or any type of petrochemical found in normal baby shampoos.  In fact, you can use organic baby shampoo even after your baby has grown into a toddler.  The truth is anything can be harmful to your baby.  It is the parent’s responsibility to keep them safe.  By carefully selecting the products you are using on your child, you can keep them calm, happy, and healthy!

There are so Many Products, how do I Choose?

There are numerous products available on the market, no matter what you are trying to buy.  Using natural ingredients in products is rising in popularity as more information about the chemicals used in traditional products is found.  Attempting to find the right organic baby shampoo can be overwhelming.  For that reason, here is a list of some of the safest organic baby shampoo options available.

1. Babyganics Shampoo & Body Wash

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Babyganics Shampoo & Body Wash is one of the best options to choose for your baby.  The tear-free formula won’t harm your baby’s eyes or skin.  This organic baby shampoo is created using only non-allergenic ingredients.  None of the chemicals that will be harmful to your baby is found in the product.  It will help keep their skin soft and smooth.  This product is recommended by many dermatologists and pediatricians and is a blend of natural essential oils.  Babyganics shampoo and body wash is a head to toe wash that you can use on your baby’s entire body.  It soothes the baby’s skin and promotes growth and cell renewal in babies.  Animals are not used in the testing of this product and it’s safe no matter what type of skin your baby has.

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash

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Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash is one of the best overall organic baby shampoo products you can find.  This tear-free baby shampoo is so gentle that you can use it on their body and their hair.  When looking for scents, there are three options that are available.  You can purchase the original all-natural option that will leave your baby smelling fresh.  You can choose the lavender scented options that will not only keep your baby clean and safe but will also calm your baby.  For those who don’t want a fragrance, you can choose a fragrance-free option.

3. The Honest Co. Baby Shampoo + Body Wash

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The Honest Co. Baby Shampoo is easily one of the best smelling organic baby shampoos that you can find.  You can choose the sweet orange vanilla scent and enjoy the smell of a creamsicle every time you hold your baby or choose the lavender options for a soft calming smell that will keep both you and your baby happy.  The soft scent provided for this product isn’t overwhelming.  There are no additives in this shampoo and it’s not harmful to your baby’s hair and won’t irritate their eyes.  This can even be used for older children in combination with a conditioner made by the company to remove tangles.

4. Eucerin Baby

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Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo is a hypoallergenic formula that is the perfect natural solution for your baby.  Natural shea butter is combined with pro-vitamin B5 to help soothe and nourish your child’s skin.  You can use it every day.  Your baby’s skin will remain soft and school.  This product is hypo-allergenic.  There is no soap, drying alcohol, parabens, dyes, or fragrances used in this formula.  Your baby’s skin will be soft and smooth every day.

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You Can Use These Products as More Than Soap

The great thing about the organic baby shampoo is that it provides more benefits than just washing your baby.  While it is great to have the gentlest option available when washing your baby’s skin, you don’t have to use suds to do it.  It doesn’t take long before that baby has a full head of hair that tangles.  Before you know it, you’re using lots of shampoo.  One of the great things about going organic is that you can spend the money on your child’s shampoo and use it for many things.  Here are some of the uses for your child’s shampoo.

1. Make-up Brushes

No, you can not use your child’s shampoo as a makeup brush.  However, all women have a moment where their make up brushes suddenly will not get clean enough.  You are using your makeup brush on your face, so you do not want to use something to clean it that will cause you to break out.  You can use your baby’s organic baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes so that you can quit replacing them.  You can simply add one drop of your child’s organic shampoo to the water and rinse the brush.  Dry it gently and it’ll be good as new

2. For The Car

Being products to clean the chrome on your car can be expensive.  It can be annoying as well.  You can use your child’s shampoo to effectively wash the chrome on your vehicle.  All you must do is mix it with a little baking soda and your car will be looking good as new in no time.

3. Delicates

You can buy all the baby washing powders in the world, and still, worry about whether it will be harmful to your baby.  You already know that organic shampoo is safe on your baby’s skin; you are washing them with it.  You can use organic baby shampoo to wash delicates as well!

4. Walls

Have you been having a hard time finding something to clean your walls?  You do not have to worry about looking for the perfect products anymore.  Grab a bucket of water and get to work.  All you must do is dilute some of the shampoo in the bucket of water and then you can get to work on your walls.

5. Dark Circles

Women are constantly searching for a way to get rid of dark circles under their eyes.  When you become a mother, it seems like every year those dark circles get a little more pronounced. You put on your makeup, but sometimes your eyeliner and mascara remain even after you have cleaned your face.  If you put a drop of your baby’s organic shampoo on a cotton ball, you can easily remove the mascara and eye-liner from your face, without irritating your eyes.

6. Shoes

If you have leather shoes, chances are you have somewhere important to be.  You want to look your best.  This means cleaning your shoes.  However, you typically don’t need shoe shine more than a few times.  You can use a drop of shampoo and a cloth to shine your shoes.  They will look as good as new!

7. Hand Soap

Using name brand hand soap is all great and wonderful until one of your guests break out because they have sensitive skin.  Organic shampoo can ensure that everyone leaves the bathroom with their hands clean and smooth.  You can put some of it in a soap dispenser and place it in your restroom for guests.  The truth is, organic baby shampoo is more effective than most of the well-known soaps you can find.

8. Zippers

Don’t you hate when your zipper gets stuck?  You try repeatedly to find a way to get the zipper working again.  You can use a drop of baby shampoo on a stuck zipper and it will work.  You will have your zipper sliding up and down like new in no time!

9. Fun

Baby shampoo can be used for more than just bath time.  If your child is getting restless and you can’t find a fun activity, the shampoo can double as a day of fun.  All you must do is grab a wand and add a little water.  You can easily turn your child’s bath into a day of bubble fun.

10. For Pets

Natural shampoo is not just for human babies.  Furry moms can use organic baby shampoo too!  There are no chemicals in it that will hurt your pups.  Because it’s hypoallergenic; it’s safe for your canine babies as well!

In Conclusion

Organic baby shampoo will help you rest easy at night.  You can sleep well knowing that your baby is safe, healthy, and comfortable.  Their skin will remain smooth and you can enjoy the smell of a new baby a little longer.  There are many benefits to your child by using these all-natural shampoos.  These shampoos have none of the harmful chemicals that are found in other options.  There are also a variety of products available for you to choose from.  You can even save money by making use of the multi-purpose options available!

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