Best Travel Blanket Reviews 2018 | How to Choose the Best Travel Blanket

Traveling is exciting and nervewracking all at once. You are about to set off on an adventure to see new parts of the world but this adventure comes at a cost. You will not have the comforts of home while you’re on the road. You won’t have your familiar couch at the end of the day, the convenience of your own bathroom or your favorite blanket. That’s right, you have to leave your favorite blanket at home unless you can somehow stuff it into a carry-on.

But there is good news — you can buy a travel blanket. It won’t be your favorite blanket but it is sure to grow on you throughout your travels. You’ll even begin to feel accustomed to the blanket like it’s a little piece of home. It’ll give a whole new meaning to the word “comforter.” But, in order to fall in love with your new linen, you’ll have to buy the right travel blanket.

Cost-benefit Analysis Of Travel Blankets

You probably never thought you’d be thinking so hard about blankets, but the right choice can make or break a trip. Travel blankets generally come in three different materials. Each material has its own set of pros and cons.

Polyester is durable and incredibly thin. That means these blankets can roll up tight in order to take up less space. You can also throw them around quite a bit. But warmth is sacrificed for ease of packing and durability. You may want to pass on polyester if you feel the need to be toasty.

Down travel blankets turn up the heat. The feather-filled travel blankets really trap in your body’s energy to keep you warm, but down is not very durable. These blankets also tend to be expensive. You’ll have to take great care.

Fleece is a good mixture of durability and warmth. Unfortunately, fleece takes up a bit of space even when the blanket is rolled up. You’ll be sacrificing a bit of storage with fleece but low cost, low maintenance, and durability might make the difference.

Travel Blanket Logistics

Packing for a road trip is like figuring out a puzzle. At first, it’s fun because you go to the store to buy those mini tubes of toothpaste and bottles of hairspray. But then it becomes difficult as you have to prioritize space. You can only bring so much so something has to be left behind. That’s never fun.


Consider how a travel blanket fits into your plans. Are you flying a lot? Riding a lot of trains? Sleeping in hostels? Then a travel blanket may be a must. Now you have to figure out how to fit it into your luggage. It has to be accessible in your carry-on so you should consider how each blanket rolls up. Simply ask yourself — Will this fit into my carry-on?

So, without further adieu, here are the 10 best travel blankets out there right now:

1. World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel BlanketTravel Blanket | Best Travel Blanket

Check out the World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket here

This affordable option measures 50 x 60 inches and is incredibly thin. It’s fleece so it should give you a bit of warmth and durability. It’s important to note that the blanket does not come with any kind of bag, tie or carrier. You’ll have to roll it up and then find space in your bag. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t need to be extremely warm to catch some Z’s. Its affordability means you don’t have to worry about it too much which makes it a great option for eco-tourists, the outdoorsy and the more adventurous.

2. Travelrest 4-in-1 Premier Class Travel Blanket Premier Class Travel Blanket | Best Travel Blanket

Check out the Premier Class Travel Blanket here

This practical product seems like it jumped right out of the television screen during an infomercial. It’s a wearable microfiber blanket that folds up tight into a convenient pouch that can dangle on the outside of your carry-on. The 38-by-60 blanket can be worn like a poncho and it is guaranteed not to slip off. It also has multiple functions. When folded up in the pouch, it serves as a pillow. You can also use it for lumbar support on long trips. It’s convenient but it may not be the warmest option.

3. Cocoon CoolMax BlanketCocoon CoolMax Blanket | Best Travel Blanket

Check out the Cocoon CoolMax Blanket here

This technologically-advanced blanket is a bit more expensive but may be well worth it. It weighs in at a paltry 11 ounces and spreads out to cover a 70-by-56 area. That means this thin microfiber blanket is light and large. It’s perfect for taller travelers or couples looking to share a snuggle. It packs up into its own sleeping bag-like case that can be attached to the outside of your luggage. The cylindrical shape of the bag lets it act like a pillow when it’s all rolled up.

4. BEARZ Outdoor Compact Pocket BlanketOutdoor Compact Pocket Blanket | Best Travel Blanket

Check out BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket/Compact Pocket Blanket here

This durable blanket is specifically for the eco-traveler. It’s for those who love the great outdoors and need a blanket to throw down on the beach, at a rocky viewpoint or under a tent. It’ll also serve you well if you get caught out in a rainstorm because the 55-by-60 blanket is completely waterproof. This may not be the best blanket for warming up on the train, but you could use it that way. The material is something between a tarp and a blanket which makes it the perfect home base on a music festival’s lawn. And the extra-lightweight blanket compresses into an absurdly small bag.

5. Jet&Bo 100% Cashmere Travel Set with BlanketCashmere Travel Set with Blanket | Best Travel Blanket

Check out Jet&Bo 100% Cashmere Travel Set here

Admittedly, this blanket is a little fancy and the price tag is a bit shocking, but you can’t beat the comfort. The 60-by-35 blanket is made of 100% cashmere and so are the socks, eye mask, and travel pillow. That’s right, you get an entire bedroom thrown in with the blanket. The case for all these goodies serves as the pillow making it the perfect solution for those who need to be pampered when they sleep. Even if they’re sleeping in economy.

6. Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel Blanket & CaseTravel Blanket & Case | Best Travel Blanket

Check out the Travel Blanket & Case here 

This 36-by-60 travel blanket perfectly encapsulates all that is good an bad about fleece. It’s warm and affordable but takes up a lot of space. This travel blanket comes in its own fleece suitcase that can double as a pillow. You could tote the blanket on the handle of your luggage using a carabiner if you’re short on space. And users have suggested a “hack.” Take the blanket out, drape it over yourself and then zip the case one-third of the way. Put the case over your head for darkness and extra warmth.

7. Forestfish Throw Blanket

Forestfish Throw Blanket | Best Travel Blanket

Check out the Forestfish Throw Blanket here

This blanket is 100% polyester which means it folds uptight. It’s also a good blanket for those who are into looks. The blanket and tote bag is covered in an attractive Japanese-style flower print. The bag does not serve a function nor can it clip to your luggage, but it looks pretty. You’ll have to find space for it in your carry-on. But the pretty 60-by-40 blanket is machine washable and completely waterproof. This is a good blanket for anyone who may be exposed to the elements.

8. Bosa Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket Compact

Bosa Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket Compact | Best Travel Blanket

Check out the Bosa Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket here

This blanket is unique and exotic. The light blue carrying case is extremely small and is adorned with Asian characters. The zip bag also features a loop so it can attach to your belt loops or luggage with a carabiner. It’s extremely lightweight as it’s made from a blend of 30% cotton and 70% bamboo fiber. The 51-by-39 blanket weighs only seven ounces and is incredibly durable allowing it to stretch quite a bit. You’ll be able to wrap yourself up in this unique travel blanket for a cozy nap.

9. Pocket Blanket by Treadway

Pocket Blanket by Treadway | Best Travel Blanket

Check out the Pocket Blanket by Treadway here

This is one of the more unbelievable travel blankets on the market. The massive 74-by-49 blanket fits into a bag that is small enough to be a keychain ornament. And a provided carabiner makes it easy to dangle off of a backpack, but you can also just slide it into your pocket. The blanket also has incredible storage space when flattened out. One side of the blanket features six pockets and its edges have four tent stake loops. You could drape this bad boy on the wall to have a shoe storage system. But it’s not the warmest. It’s a waterproof outdoorsy blanket made for picnics and the beach. It also serves as a rain shelter. It’s made distinctly for the adventurous outdoorsy types.

Bon voyage!

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