9 Phrases That Will Put a Smile on Our Mom’s Face

Are you looking for some wonderful, full of love and appreciation words to write on the card that will accompany your gift for your mom? Here are some suggestions.

  • Nothing comes close to a mother’s love. Dear Mom, you’re everything to me! I am so grateful that faith dropped me in your lap.


  • You gave me everything that I needed without having to ask for anything. This feeling is the most complete form of love. Thank you, Mom!


  • Dear mom, every time I go through hardships and heel hopeless, I close my eyes to see your face. That alone feels my body with warmth and my eyes with tears of joy. Thank you, Mom, for reminding me that I will never be alone.


  • No word can express the patience and strength of a mother. I realized this only after I had my daughter. Only now, I can truly appreciate you. Thank you, Mom.


  • Dear Mom, I wish I could do for you as much as you did for me. I wish I could make you feel as loved as you made me feel. I wish we could hold hand forever. Thank you, Mom.


  • Dear Mom, remember how many times I came to you crying, feeling defeated and afraid? You listened to me like no one ever did, you cried with me like no one ever did, and you told me that everything will be all right… and it was. Thank you, Mom.


  • Dear Mom, you and only you were always there for me. There were times in my life when I pushed you away, but you never left. You stayed there and grow into a big tree with deep roots, refusing to let me pass. Then you used your strong branches to hug me with so much force until I understood that you will never walk away, that you will never leave me…never. Thank you, Mom.


  • Dear Mom, today I want to laugh because I know that you laugh only if you see me laughing.


  • The love of a mother is the energy that allows a human being to overcome the impossible. Thank you, Mom, for believing in me.


a mother smiling

Thank you, Mom!

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